Identity and Access Management

Safer Authentication. Better User Experience.

Need to Optimize Access?

Running a modern enterprise requires digital collaboration with other businesses, customers, partners, and devices. But without a properly managed IAM system, your user experience, or even security, may be compromised. At Cynosure, our consultants can help you optimize your IAM system to increase customer trust in digital transactions, improve user experience, and secure your most valuable IP. Speak to us about how you can remove friction from your authentication services, so that you can collaborate more effectively.

Benefits of Choosing Cynosure's Identity Access Management (IAM) team…


Control Access

It’s now more important than ever to ensure that your most valuable IP stays in trustworthy hands. Cynosure can help you optimize your IAM system to ensure that access is only given to the right people, at the right time, so you can have confidence that your enterprise’s assets are protected.


Improve Authentication

Used alone, passwords are neither safe nor convenient. Let Cynosure help you set up people-friendly authentication methods such as voice and facial recognition.


Meet Regulations

Work in a highly regulated industry? Cynosure’s team of trained consultants can help. We understand your industry regulations, and can help you set up an IAM system that meets and exceeds those regulations.


Build Customer Loyalty

Let our consultants design a smooth authentication experience for your customers, using IAM that’s scripted to remove friction from digital transactions, while keeping your enterprise safe from attack.

We Can Help Your Enterprise With Oracle IAM …


Looking to implement a new IAM system? We’re here to help. Our IAM trained consultants will help you get your system up and running, provide the proper roles to staff, and get more out of your IAM system from the start.


If your enterprise is growing, you may need to optimize your IAM system for better performance and a simpler user experience. That’s where our skilled consultants can provide top-notch services to help you take your access management to the next level.


Every enterprise has unique Identity and Access management needs. We’re here to help you customize your system to get the best results for your organization.


It pays to have an IAM expert in-house. Let us train your technicians to manage your IAM system more effectively, so that you can confidently control access management throughout your entire enterprise.