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Looking for a way to get a global staff up to speed on the essential skills and company values that your enterprise needs to succeed?

What are the Benefits of Using a Cynosure's Learning Management System (LMS)?


Faster Professional Development

Add value to your staff by providing dynamic professional development opportunities in-house, and at a fraction of the cost of conferences or courses.


Easier Global Education

Whether you operate nationally, or globally, Cynosure will make it easy to deliver coordinated educational material anywhere you need it.


Easy Employee Feedback

Using simple forum functions, allow your staff to give feedback on your LMS programs, so that you can improve them for future use.


Stronger Corporate Culture

Using your LMS survey and feedback functionality, easily analyze the existing strengths in your corporate culture so that you can enhance strengths where they exist, and fill in the gaps where they don’t.

Reporting &

Management Reporting & Notifications

Create groups for easy messaging and collaboration in conjunction with any course, subject, or area of interest. It’s team learning and collaboration made easy.


Better Performance Evals

With a custom Cynosure LMS you can schedule tests, evaluations, and learning sessions for regular review, so you can see where each individual staff member is excelling, and where they’re not.

Why Choose Cynosure for Enterprise E-Learning?

Cynosure’s use of Augmented Virtual Reality and SCORM in all of its e-learning packages gives you the technological upper hand, so that you can painlessly educate your team faster, and with better results.


  • Increased Engagement – Make your staff excited to learn with gamified educational content.
  • Faster Implementation – Content can be sold, delivered, and implemented much faster than traditional methods.
  • Enhanced Reusability – Content is easy to reuse, move, and repurpose for new applications.
  • Easily Adaptable – Instruction can be customized to suit specific groups, teams, or individuals.
  • Cost Effective – Reduce the time and expense of traditional instruction with powerful pre-made courses.


  • Better ROI – New AVR learning solutions enable teachers to teach more with less – less time, money, and onsite resources.
  • Stronger Engagement – Cynosure’s AVR capabilities make enterprise learning wildly entertaining, increasing curiosity and creating a passion for learning.
  • Real Time Problem Solving – AVR allows teachers to leave theory behind and teach real world, real time solutions to common enterprise problems.
  • Better Individual Results – AVR stimulates the senses and the experiential parts of the brain, making it a perfect educational tool for learners of all types

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